Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Sesame Spiral Bread


Inspired by Vivian Pang's Black Sesame Spiral Loaf Bread

(Makes 3 loaves)

Scalded dough:
150g bread flour
115g boiling water
50g water (room temperature)
  • Add boiling water into the flour and mix with a wooden spoon to form a dough.  Rest for 5 minutes.  Then gradually add in the room-temperature water and mix into a pasty dough.   Cover with a clingfilm and set aside to cool.   Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Main Bread dough:
300g bread flour
150g wholemeal flour
150g plain flour
60g caster sugar
1½  tbsp active dry yeast
2 eggs, lightly beaten
110ml milk
150g natural yoghurt /Greek yoghurt
2 tsp salt
90g Rice Bran oil
1/2 cup black sesame powder (see Note)

  • In a mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine flours, sugar, yeast and egg together.  Add in the scalded dough, then gradually add in the milk and yoghurt to form into a slightly sticky soft dough.  Add in salt and continue to knead until smooth and elastic (about 10 minutes).
  • Add in oil gradually and continue to knead until fully incorporated.  
    [At this stage, the dough should be able to stretch to form a window-like thin membrane without tearing].
  • Take out two-thirds of the dough and leave one third of the dough in mixer; add in the black sesame powder.  Knead well to combine.  
  • Shape the two doughs  into smooth balls and place in a greased  bowl.  Cover with lightly oiled clingfilm.  Then place it in a warm, moist and draught-free place to allow the doughs to rise until at least double or nearly triple its original size.
    [To determine if the dough has risen long enough, poke a floured finger into the  dough.  When you remove your finger, the dough shouldn't spring back at all.  If the dough springs back immediately, it is under-proved and needs more time to proof further.]
  • Once the doughs has doubled in size, press down gently on the dough to deflate it.
  • Turn the doughs out onto a lightly oiled work surface, divide them into 3 equal pieces.  Roll them into balls. Let them rest for 15 minutes.
  • Working with one piece at a time, flatten the dough into a rectangle.  Place the black sesame dough onto the plain dough and roll into a tight cylinder, tucking the dough under itself as you go.  Pinch the seam at the end to close. 
  • Place the loaf, seam side down, in the greased loaf pans.  Repeat with the second and the third piece of dough.  Loosely cover with lightly oiled clingfilm and let them rise until just about doubled in size.
  • Preheat oven to 190 degrees C.
  • Bake for about 25 - 30 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Remove the pans to a wire rack and brush the top with butter. 

 Note:  Lightly toast black sesame seeds in a pan, then grind into powder.


  1. Quite a lot black sesame in the recipe. Must be very fragrant. Thanks for the mentioned.

    1. Yes, the black sesame fragrance is quite strong in this bread and we loved it. Thanks for the inspiration, Vivian.

  2. Hi Veronica, looking at the bread texture, I must say it is a nice and lovely bread to enjoy.

    1. Yes, Kimmy, this bread is still soft the next day. I baked 3 loaves and kept two in the freezer. Texture still the same once it is thawed overnight.

  3. Lovely swirls and the bread looks soft and fluffy!

  4. Hi veronica, we love this kind of swirly bread. Black sesame is one of our favourite, especially as a dessert. Must learn this one, thanks !

  5. I bet the sesame aroma was simply amazing! Love the spongy and fluffy texture.

  6. Hi Veronica,
    I love the sesame swirl in your loaf. Nice!!
    Your bread looks soft and fluffy.
    Thanks for sharing this health bread.

  7. Wow, lovely bread with fantastic swirls! Your bread look so soft and fluffy!

  8. Hi Veronica. I'm in the midst of making this. The scalded dough is lumpy after adding the room temp water. I couldn't hand mix it to disperse the lumps and moved it into a mixer instead. Did I do something wrong?

    1. What do you mean by lumpy? Use a spoon to mix it until it all combined. Anyway, how did your bread turn out in the end?


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