Monday, July 29, 2013

Mexican Buns (Roti Boy)

Roti Boy
Roti Boy

I used this wonderfully soft and fluffy bread recipe from Vinnie Baking Paradise for my Mexican Buns or better known as Roti Boy. 

Overnight Sponge Dough:  Mix well into a dough and leave overnight in the fridge.
215g bread flour
130g fresh milk
2g dried yeast

Bread Dough:
90g bread flour
12g fresh milk
30g egg
7g dried yeast
5g salt
50g sugar
12g milk powder
45g butter (I substitute with cooking oil)

  • Knead all the ingredients including the overnight sponge dough (except the oil) into a smooth dough.  Then add in the oil.  Knead until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.  Proof the dough until it doubled in size. 
  • Knock out the air in the dough and divide into 10 equal portions.  Shape them into round balls.  Cover and rest for 15 minutes.
  • Roll out each dough and add the butter filling.  Seal tightly to prevent filling from leaking out during baking.  
  • Place the dough  into individual paper casing and cover.  Proof until doubled in size. 
  • Pipe the filling onto the dough before baking in a preheated oven of 185 deg C for about 20 minutes.

Butter Filling: 
100g butter, softened
1/2 tsp vanilla paste
30g caster sugar
  •  Beat everything together and chill in the fridge.  Divide into 10 equal portions.

50g butter, softened
40g icing sugar
1/2 an egg
1 tsp coffee granules mixed with 1 tsp hot water
50g plain flour
  • Beat butter and icing sugar until combine.  Gradually add in beaten egg and coffee.
  • Fold in flour.
  • Fill a piping bag with the mixture and set aside.


  1. Minty~~
    可是to do list太长!!!

  2. Hi Veronica. Thanks for the recent visits to my bog. Question:I followed you for a while but why can't I see your latest updates on my dashboard? All this while I thought that you have stopped blogging. Did you set a special setting for this?

    I've seen many version of mexican buns before but I think this is the 1st time of seeing in a cupcake liner version. I like the idea as the bun looks tall & round. I'll bookmark this but in the past, I didn't have much luck with overnight dough. Not sure it is something to do with the weather?

    Question again: Do you need to take the overnight dough out & back to room temperature before mixing?

    Question: I promise this is my last question. What's the size of those cupcake liners that you are using? Thanks

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for dropping by. I am puzzled to hear that my updates didn't appear on your reading list. I didn't change anything setting. Wonder if it happen with other bloggers too. I loved working with overnight sponge dough as I found that it yields a much softer bread. It is easier to knead if it is brought back to room temperature. First time I made, I forgot to bring back to rom temp and it took me a long time to knead till elastic. I got those cup liners from Malaysia, the base measurement is 7.5 cm and the top is 9.5 cm.

    2. When you made the "homemade char keoy teow," I saw the update, then, don't know since when, I have stopped seeing your updates. This roti boy also didn't appear in my dashboard too! OK, will take this recipe home. Wish me luck with that. If they are successful, when I post it, I will give a shout of your name, hahaha!

    3. I found out that since 5 months ago, it stopped all updates, I have no idea why. I wonder what happened. As I am not computer savvy, I am stuck now. If you know how I can rectify this problem, please, please let me know. You don't need me wishing you luck, you are already an expert in making bread. Looking forward to see your Roti Boy.

    4. Veronica, I think I'm not much better than you when it comes to this IT thing. What I can suggest is to go back to your blog's setting/comment/layout, study it one by one to see whether you have accidently touched on a certain button. Why don't you check with other friends to find out whether they can see your recent updates? May be it is only my problem to view?

    5. Checked everything but can't see the problem. Thanks anyway Jessie.

  3. wow, look exactly like Roti Boy! well done!

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  5. interesting post
    thanks for sharing

  6. Nice beautiful recipe of cake ...Interesting ..

  7. Hi Veronica, I've tried making the buns but the butter leaked the both times. How do I stop that? Thanks

  8. Hi Veronica, I've tried making them twice but on both account the butter leaked out even when I pinch them hard. Not too sure where I went wrong. Hope you can help. Thanks. Lyn

    1. It is not uncommon for the butter to leak out. What I did was turn the bun with the seam side facing up. The seams won't show as it would be covered with the topping. Hope it helps.

    2. Thanks for the advise, it was a success this time

    3. Hi so pleased to hear of your success.

  9. Love ur recipe nd am drooling over the pix. How many eggs r there in this recipe as gm i dont know how to measure. Even how many tspn of yeast? Thanx

    1. Hi M.S. thanks for dropping by my blog. 1 whole egg without the shell weighed more than 30g. Just beat the egg lightly and measures out 30g for your dough. The remaining can be used for the topping. Saying that, it also depends on the size of the egg you use. 1 teaspoon of dried yeast is about 4g. Hope that helps answer your questions.


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