Monday, September 29, 2014

Fried Flour Vermicelli (Misua/Meen Seen) [ 炒面线 ]

Fried Mee Sua
Fried Mee Sua
Fried Mee Sua

Misua or mee suah (in Hokkien) or meen seen (面线 in Cantonese) is a very thin type of salted noodles made from wheat flour, salt, tapioca starch and water.  This noodle signifies long life in Chinese culture, therefore it is always served as Longevity Noodles during birthday dinners.   


300g flour vermicelli (面线)
200g chinese chives, cut into 3cm length
300g bean sprouts
40g dried shrimps, soaked to soften then coarsely chopped
4 cloves garlic, finely minced
2 shallots, finely sliced
enough oil to deep fry vermicelli

1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
salt & pepper, to taste
1 cup water

  • Prepare a big bowl of boiling water.  Set aside.
  • Heat enough oil in a wok and deep fry vermicelli, one bundle at a time until light brown (watch the noodles carefully as it gets brown very quickly).
  • Remove the noodles with a slotted spatula and drain on absorbent paper.  Then blanch noodles in hot water until softened, or al dente and drain well in a colander.
  • Heat oil in wok and stir fry garlic and shallots until fragrant.  Dish out and set aside.
  • Stir fry dried shrimps until fragrant, then add in noodles and seasoning.  Then put in chives, bean sprouts and the fried garlic and shallots. Toss well. 
  • Dish out and serve immediately.


  1. salivating.. it's not yet lunch but stomach is already growling big time thanks to your plate of mee sua!

  2. I never thought of we can fried mee suah.. I will give it a try to taste this fried mee suah. Bet it must be good too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 好厉害哦。弄得很棒的料理。我要向你学习多多 。。。。

    1. Joceline, you are too kind. I am always learning from YOU!

  4. Oh, I came by here at the right time!!!! I simply love Fried Vermicelli..this is going to be one of my to-cook-dish..
    BTW, let me have a plate of it..yummy ^^

  5. What a yummy plate of fried mee sua, Veronica! I have always wondered how it is done and now I know. Will try one day soon!

  6. Me too ! Never had I thought of frying the mee suah before. What a fabulous idea. Thanks Veron for such a wonderful share. Hope you're having a lovely week ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

  7. This is exactly the way I did my stir-fried misua years ago. The misua is from my hometown :-))

  8. very nicely done! i hv never deep fried mee suah before..i think here in the market, they have readily fried vermicelli, dried yee mee cos many years ago, i hv eaten them before. But doing it at home of course is still a healthier way :)

  9. You're really making me crave noodles for dinner tonight Veronica! These look delicious :D

  10. Thank you thank you thank you for this recipe. I love mee sua and I never thought of cooking it this way!!!

  11. I don't mind having this plate of mee sua for my dinner!


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