Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stir fry French Beans with Preserved Radish

This is one of my "must-have" dish to go with plain congee.  There's saltiness, sweetness, heat and crunch, all in one dish!  There is no exact measurement required and it is really simple. Remember, most of the cooking that happens in the kitchen doesn't involve recipes!

French beans, diced
Preserved turnips (chai poh), diced
Carrot, diced
Firm tofu, diced
Dried shrimps, chopped
Chillies, chopped
Garlic, minced
Cooking oil
Salt and pepper, to taste

  • Heat oil in a wok and fry preserved turnips until light brown.  Dish out and set aside.  
  • Add more oil in the wok and lightly fry dried shrimps, dish out and set aside. Next fry tofu until light brown.  Dish out.
  • Sauté minced garlic until aromatic, then toss in carrot, beans and chillies.  Fry until beans are cooked; add in preserved turnips, dried shrimps and tofu.  Season with salt and pepper and  stir fry to combine.
  • Serve hot.  


  1. Veronica, that looks delicious! And it is so colorful too.

  2. Veron, i love this dish. I remembered my mom used to cook this too.. hehe we are frim the same era i guess :p

    1. Hi Elin, we are from the era where homecooked food are simple dishes and sometimes simple is equivalent to good.


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